Hi, I'm Chris.

I help purposeful business owners represent themselves in the digital space.

Is your website out of date?

Technology changes ridiculously fast. When you’re busy working in your business, it’s easy to miss the latest trends. What used to work 5 or 10 years ago is already outdated. If a site looks cheesy or is too difficult to navigate, potential customers lose interest. Or they don’t trust that your business is running, even though it’s alive and well and happy to serve them. The greatest example of this is that if it doesn’t work on mobile, then you’ve likely already lost them.

Are your ideal customers not engaging?

Once you have the website up, there’s the matter of getting short and long term engagement. Do your ideal customers navigate away from your website moments after arriving? Is the experience designed to be a smooth flow from discovery to purchase? Do your people remember and delight in what you offer… or do they even know you exist?

Feeling lost in the digital landscape?

Responsive Design. Optimized Load Times. Social Media Strategy. Newsletter Signups. Engagement. Retention. Bounce Rates. SEO. ASO. LTV. CPM. CPC. PPC… WTF?! With so many different angles to consider, it can feel overwhelming to even know where to start.

Not sure what to do next?

Invest the time and energy to build your own website, learn how to get traffic to your site, and run your business at the same time? Outsource to India or China, and hope they understand your business needs and target market?

As a wise old man once said, “It’s dangerous to go alone…”

So take me! I work together with entrepreneurs and business owners to…

Create or Revamp your online presence, as a responsive website or mobile app.

Respectability on the internet begins here. We work together to design and develop exactly what your ideal customers are looking for.

Boost traffic, conversions, and customer retention.

A well-designed, responsive website is just the start of the journey. Together we’ll identify and execute on what will be most profitable for your business, and engaging for your peeps.

Craft a custom marketing strategy to entice new visitors and delight loyal customers.

Depending on your industry, brand, and ideal customers, we can use the right platform and strategy to get the results that match your business goals.

Use data driven approach to test and optimize results.

Based on metrics from website and marketing campaign analytics, we can see what is working best and do more of that!

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